Roland Schröder's interest for photography awoke in the early 1950s and grew with his membership in the local Leica-club, a club for talented and famous photographers including Christer Strömholm who later became Schröder's spiritual mentor.

Schröder has been comfortable working in everything from advanced studio environments to hanging out of helicopters, or to catch that special moment of a concert. From the early 1970s to mid 1980s, Schröder ran a studio on Jungfrugatan 45 in central Stockholm where he worked with Torbjörn Calvero and Wille Rapp. ABBA, David Bowie, Funky Team, Kebnekajse and many others where recurrent artists in his studio for producing promotional photography, where several hundreds of layouts for album covers was also produced by Roland and his team.

Today Roland leads a calmer lifestyle 120 km north of Stockholm, however his interest in photography is still strong and he is always looking for new angles of approach. 

In november 2021, Roland Schröder (at 89 years of age) won a Photo contest held by auction firm Metropol Stockholm and at present time he is producing an exhibition of Jitterbug shots at Club Nalen from the 1950s


Kenneth Ekberg, today 74 years old, worked as a freelance photographer from the 1960s well into the 1980s. He immensely enjoyed working concerts and Rock gigs in the club scene in Stockholm at the time. He had a natural gift in how to approach rockstars, perhaps a trait inherited from his father, also an editorial photographer. From the 1980s and onwards, Kenneth has been working as a graphic artist, however his interest in photography remains the same. Here in our catalogue Kenneth is the photographer behind the Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett shots.


Göran TannfeltGöran Tannfelt worked as a photographer in the late 1960s and all trough the 1970s. He documented a lot of the music scenes at the time. Special focus on the alternative Swedish progressive music scene such as as Gärdesfesten, Gunder Hägg and Blå Tåget, Träd Gräs & Stenar and the likes but also international groups visiting Sweden like Blondie, Leonard Cohen etc. He has participated in photograpic and art exhibitions.

In the 1980s and 1990s Göran was heavily involved in the California music scene of the 1960s and the Surfers Rule magazine. He was a personal friend of Gary Usher, Jan & Dean, The Surfaris, The Byrds, The Beach Boys and the likes. Today, Göran is collecting records but also rock music art and photographs as well as managing the popular Youtube station – ”The Surf & Hot Rod Scene”. Göran is now 69 years old and lives in central Stockholm.


Magnus Landqvist, photographerMagnus Landqvist took an early interest to photography during his schoolyears in Sundbyberg just outside Stockholm in the sixties and was taking photos for a number of rock magazines and publications during the seventies. Some of his favorite acts over the years include Queen, Bruce Springsteen, Janis Joplin and David Bowie - here at Rare Rock Photography he is represented by his photos of Led Zeppelin on their european tour in 1973.