Leonard Cohen - So Long, Marianne, Stockholm 1972

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Leonard Cohen - So Long, Marianne, Stockholm 1972

Leonard Cohen - Royal Tennis Hall
photographer Göran Tannfelt

Royal Tennis Hall - Stockholm April 3, 1972

"All my work is the evidence of a life and not the life itself and if I could live a life well and have the evidence of it turned into information and entertainment 'that would be OK. If I could find a style which would enable me to do that I would he happy to embrace it. I can't think of it now though."

- Leonard Cohen, Interviewed in March 1972

The set list this evening:

1) So Long, Marianne
2) You Know Who I Am
3) The Butcher
4) Famous Blue Raincoat
5) Story of Isaac
6) Joan of Arc
7) Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye
8) The Partisan
9) Suzanne
10) Seems So Long Ago, Nancy

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